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As the weather warms up and you start to venture further out into the yard you might notice that some weeds have taken up residence.

We’ve been hearing of many infestations of broadleaf weeds such as dandelion, thistles, bindii and clover. If your place is one of those affected, then it’s important to act quickly. If you apply a broadleaf weed control product now your lawn will have the best chance to overpower the weeds as it comes out of its dormant phase. While broadleaf weeds are amongst the most hideous, they are the easiest to control. Ask your local lawn care specialist for the best herbicide to use for the variety of lawn you have and always read the application instructions carefully.

The other problem you might be experiencing is winter grass. It thrives in the cooler months as it won’t germinate until soil temperatures drop below 14 degrees. Once it has germinated it can be difficult to remove unless you pull every individual plant out by hand. The best way to rid your lawn of winter grass is to essentially choke it out. Feeding your lawn during the warmer months will help starve it of space. Apply a balanced NPK fertiliser at the beginning of spring and again in a month and your lawn will be best placed to grow, repair and force that winter grass out.

A little time and effort now will ensure a weed-free lawn to enjoy this summer as well as ridding your lawn of more weed issues next winter. Daleys Turf’s Online Lawn Care store offers a range of lawn products and equipment to help you get your lawn back in shape for the warmer months. Our store can be found here.

If you require specific advice just contact our team, we’re here to support you for the life of your lawn.

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