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Review of ‘Loving Your Lawn – Your Guide to the Perfect Aussie Lawn’ by Nigel Ruck

So many lawn care books available are geared towards in overseas market and climate so it’s refreshing to find a book written just for us and the Australian climate. The Loving your lawn book, written by Nigel Ruck of Backyard Blitz fame, is the quintessential book to answer all your lawn laying, lawn type and lawn care questions. As quoted in the introduction its self ‘This book is not a technical document; Loving your lawn, Your Guide to the Perfect Aussie Lawn is a helpful guide to establishing and maintaining a good looking yet functional lawn’. And they certainly achieved what they set out to achieve.

This book takes it back to basics and is written in an easy to understand format so everyone can be informed and treat their yard right. Containing everything from living with your lawn and getting started right through to maintenance and even a climate section. It’s written by someone who is now very experienced with the dynamics and differences found in Australia and our varying climates.

Of particularly interest is the small but easy to understand and informative section on Grass Varieties – great to help you choose what turf will work best where you live.

Even for someone new to lawn care and maintenance this book will be able to guide you through the process with step by step instructions for how to go about things. This is a go-to guide, something you can have on hand to refer back to time and time again as the seasons change and your lawn care needs adapt to those changes over time. They even suggest sharing this book with neighbours and friends so that we can all enjoy a fantastic Aussie backyard.

So how do you get your hands on a copy? Simple! Just go to the Daleys Turf website for more details.

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