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The Queensland Fire and Rescue Service (QFRS) are warning of a bleak bushfire season in South East Queensland this year. Excessive rain over the last 3 years combined with shorter and wetter fire seasons has increased the fuel load considerably and hence the concern. The Sunshine Coast region of Queensland has not incurred a significant bushfire since 1993 and concerns are mounting that this year may be the time.

And this is not an issue that just people in the country or on acreage need to worry about. Even in the city or urban fringes we need to prepare for what is looking like a terrible season. It is essential that every household has a Bushfire Survival Plan. As more and more of us move into areas closer to bushland we need to be aware of all possibilities as the weather heats up. In suburban areas the risk may not come directly from a bushfire but from falling embers so now is not the time to be complacent.

A bushfire survival plan will detail how you will prepare and what actions you and your family will take if your property or area is threatened by a bushfire. You need to prepare; in a large-scale fire event QFRS will not be able to attend every threatened property to you must have a plan in place.

As part of your bushfire season preparation you should clear your lawn of debris and allow your lawn to act as a natural fire break and fire retardant. Trim overhanging trees and vegetation, particularly those which are close to your home. Maintain your lawn watering regime so that your lawn does not become tinder dry allowing falling embers to more easily ignite.

Familiarise yourself with the Fire Danger Ratings and what they mean. Stay informed of current fire bans; stay safe.

Daleys Turf recommends that all South East Queensland homeowners, particularly those in the Sunshine Coast region, get a copy of the brochure Prepare.Act.Survive and make a bushfire survival plan. The brochure can easily be downloaded as a pdf. Further information can be found at Daleys Turf asks that you share this information with friends, family and neighbours so that we can all stay safe this bushfire season. Should you notice smoke or fire in your area contact the fire department immediately. The Prepare.Act.Survive brochure contains all relevant Rural Fire Service contact numbers or call 000

The bushfire season officially started on the 1st of August in South East Queensland and usually runs through till mid-November.

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