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Whether you have just built a new home, have moved into a pre-existing one, or are just wanting a backyard refresh -if you are ready to plan your new backyard we have the checklist for you.

Brainstorm what you intend to use the backyard for – involve the whole family – and consider your long term needs. You may have toddlers now but are you planning to stay in this home when they are old enough for a trampoline or backyard cricket? Do you have/plan on having a dog? Chickens? A vegetable garden?

Outline what you want to keep – built-in BBQ, clothesline, chicken coop, shed.

Work out the direction your garden is facing and the type of plants and variety of lawn that will work best accordingly to the direction, shade and amount of sunlight throughout the year. If you are new to the area have a chat to you neighbours or do a bit of online research to find out about average rainfall, daylight hours and average minimum and maximum temperatures.

Get in a drainage expert. There’s nothing worse than installing garden beds, paths, a new lawn just to find out that the drainage of the backyard just doesn’t work – you could end up with a lawn that won’t drain or a house that floods. Definitely worth considering this now, before you start anything.

Check for underground services – water, electricity, telephone, gas- before you make any excavations, no matter how small. Dial before you dig is found at

Outline your backyard traffic and plan accordingly – will the grass be able to handle the trek from the laundry to the clotheslines and back again, over and over or would a path work best?

Test out your plan – use a variety of coloured landscaping spray paint to mark out garden beds, structures and hardscapes to ensure that the plan works for you and your family.

Contact the team at Daleys Turf to determine the lawn variety that will work best for your new backyard.

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