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Sir Walter has just released new liquid range of fertilisers. New clip on hose range of liquid fertilisers, fast acting, easy to use and design especially for all Sir Walter lawns

Lawn Rescue is an effective starter fertiliser for promoting development of root systems and early turf growth. It is specifically developed to stimulate, support, and protect new root growth in turf, whilst optimising water availability to the plant. Great for repairing damaged areas, just clip on to a hose spray away, repeat treatment until area has recovered.

Lawn Grow is the ideal fertiliser for all lawns.

It promotes healthy growth in established lawns as well as newly turfed lawns. Lawn Grow is absorbed through the grass as well as the soil, and enhances soil fertility by encouraging natural bacterial activity.

Lawn soaker a ready-to-use soil wetting agent specifically developed for use on lawns.

It improves the penetration of water and is the perfect solution to help drought-proof your lawn!

All these products are now available at our License Sir Walter outlets:

Buderim Landscape Centre – Buderim
Tenkate Landscape Supplies – Caloundra
The Rock Landscape Supplies – Coolum
The Yard Landscapes Supplies – Noosa
Moroney’s Landscape Supplies – Beerwah

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