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You can join a gym, plan to eat better, resolve to spend more quality time together, but an easy new year’s resolution to make and keep is getting a new lawn for a new year. A new lawn will actually be an investment in so many different aspects of your life – like you’re making and keeping lots of new year’s resolutions with just one installation process:

Mental health – spending time in green spaces such as your own backyard is good for your state of mind. Even the process of mowing the lawn allows you to switch off from the stresses of the day, refocus and relax.

Physical health – spending time on lawn care such as mowing is a great form of physical exercise – as is spending time playing backyard cricket or kicking a ball around.

Family health – a new lawn will encourage you to spend more time out there with family and friends, creating greater offline connections, conversations and together time.

Financial health – a new lawn is in investment in the value of your property. A backyard is still highly desirable with home buyers across South East Queensland.

And the eating better bit? Well, when you draw up the plans and do the measurements for your new turf, just don’t forget to set aside some space for that new veggie garden. In South East Queensland we can install a new lawn at any time of year, just avoid laying the turf during a heat wave – we don’t want the root system to dry out or any helpers to suffer heatstroke.

For more advice or tips on the right new lawn for your new year just contact the team at Daleys Turf – we’re here to support you for the life of your lawn. We grow, deliver and install new lawn throughout the Sunshine Coast, Ipswich, Brisbane and the Gold Coast. And, our turf varieties are grown to specifically suit our local climate and weather patterns.

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