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The colder months are definitely coming – a slight morning chill is already being felt so we need to take stock of your mowing regime and adjust accordingly to the needs of our South East Queensland lawn.

You should never cut your lawn lower than 2.5cm for the overall health of the plants. Mowing lowering than this will increase the risk of the plants drying out, burning, can cause the lawn to suffer shock, allow to plants to receive too much direct sunlight. It can also allow your lawn to become more susceptible to weeds and disease, particularly during the dormant growing phase of winter. On the over hand we don’t want the lawn to grow longer than 5-6cm as this will cause the lawn crowns to grow taller and will cause problems to the health of the lawn when we eventually do mow. For more mowing tips see our previous blog.

A good guide to the frequency of mowing is in the weather. During the shoulder seasons of Autumn and Spring and the coldest months of Winter the mowing should be less frequent than in the fastest growing season of Summer. During the Summer season your mowing frequency can be weekly or fortnightly but during Winter that should be cut back to once every three or four weeks. Never remove more than one third of the plant when mowing for the longevity and health of the plants.

During the colder months the lawn needs its sunlight so make sure that you remove any fallen leafs from surrounding trees and minimise the amount of lawn clippings left on the lawn. Too much lawn clipping left on the lawn will cause the plants to be starved of air and sunlight and will kill off the affected areas.

Continued mowing as part of your lawns regular upkeep during Autumn and Winter will help with weed control during the slower growing period when the weeds are just looking for an opportunity to take over.

The best rule of thumb is to always match your mowing frequency to the rate of growth. If you need any advice or tips on mowing or any other lawn care issues, the team at Daleys Turf are here to help. If you have a newly laid turf you should mow as soon as you feel the lawn needs it which is usually within 1 -3 weeks of the installation.

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