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Feeling a little anxious? Stressed? Get out and mow the lawn. Yet another example of how a great South East Queensland lawn can enhance our lifestyle. Not only does our lawn provide a place to entertain, play and relax but it can also help us to keep our anxiety levels in check and in more ways than just the satisfaction of a job well done.

A recent study by the University of Queensland has found that the smell of freshly cut grass can actually reduce your anxiety levels. Nick Lavidis, researcher at the UQ School of Biomedical Science said that ‘Smells or odours can have a very powerful effect on humans. The smell of green, leafy grass produces a calming effect that allows you to think more logically. Purely by the smell you can be more relaxed and, thus, behave in a calmer way’. The study shows that the scent of cut grass acts as a relaxant and can aid in the reduction of stress, anxiety and may even protect nerve endings from further damage caused by stress. Who knew that mowing the lawn could be so beneficial to you and not just the health of your lawn.

And before you think that this phenomenon is purely related to memory or association – the smell evoking memories of childhood and a better, less stressful time in our lives, researchers also tested the smell of cut grass on animals that had never been exposed to nature and they too showed a calming response to the smell.

While I’m sure companies are trying to determine how best to capitalise on these findings (in fact some perfume manufacturers already use the scent in fragrances) you already have access to this amazing example of nature working at its best. The next time things seem a little overwhelming or the kids are driving you nuts, pushing your stress level up and up – grab the mower for a bit of calm – and the fresh air will do you a world of good too. It’s another reason to protect the institution of the great Australian backyard.

Yet another reason to maintain your lawn care regime through to cooler months. Remember that during winter you only need to mow every 3 or 4 weeks and don’t cut the lawn too short. For any lawn care queries just contact the team at Daleys Turf.

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