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While there is usually something you would rather be doing than mowing the lawn, if you rush it or make mistakes while mowing, it will end up costing you more time in the long run as well as causing problems with your lawn and its health.

Don’t take short cuts and be tempted to cut your lawn too short. When you mow your lawn too short you might not have to mow again for a while but you can cause damage to both the grass and the soil below. Sir Walter, in particular, does not grow as well if it is cut too short. Longer grass is less prone to scorching in the heat as well as being less affected by any sudden frosts. The shadowing effect that taller grass provides can curtail weed growth as weeds also need sunlight to grow and take over. It can also protect the soil from too much water evaporation which can affect the health of your lawn.

Ensure that the lawnmower’s blades are always sharp and provide a clean cut. Blunt mower blades can bruise the lawn plants and leave it looking brown and unwell. If it has been raining the lawn can be damaged if you go ahead and mow it while it is wet  and it can present a slip hazard too. Wait until the lawn is completely drained and dry before mowing. Running a mower over a still damp lawn can cause the soil below to compact which will lead to the need to aerate the lawn sooner than you would otherwise have to. Also, the tracks left in the grass by the lawnmower will affect the appearance of your lawn.

Ensure that you are not making these lawn mowing mistakes and your lawn will be more well-kept and healthier saving you time and money in the long run.

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