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If you’ve ever sold a house, you’d be familiar with all the advice on how painting walls and fixing up the bathroom can improve your chances of a great sale. But, you might be better off focusing on the outside of your property instead. Research has shown that a well-maintained lawn (and garden) can substantially increase your property’s value and interest among prospective buyers.

From real estate agents themselves, attractive landscaping can increase a property’s sale price by 5-20%. A University of Western Australia study found that a broad-leafed tree on a street verge increases the median property price for that home by approximately $16,889. Just imagine then what a lawn can do.

How does it work? “It’s hard to put an exact dollar value on it, but a well-maintained garden definitely adds value. It’s a numbers game – good landscaping attracts more potential buyers, and the more people interested the more competition it creates, and the more the property sells for.” David Eastway, director of Hudson McHugh Leichhardt.

“Landscaping makes a massive difference between getting a buyer or not getting a buyer. At the very least, you’ll miss a premium price.” Mark Dawes, director of Richardson and Wrench Alexandria/Waterloo.

A well-maintained lawn, particularly at the front of your property adds to the street appeal, that first impression when potential buyers drive past or walk up to the front door for an inspection. What buyers see at the front of a home is what will get them through the door. Hence the importance of investing in laying good quality turf in your front and backyards.

Add to this the simplicity of the project. Indoor renovation or exterior projects such as painting can be time-consuming, complex and expensive. Laying down a lush, green, tidy lawn is one of the easiest and most cost effective ways to increase how desirable your property is to buyers.

While you will have some buyers seeking out a renovator’s delight, most buyers are looking for a move in ready property and that includes the yard/garden. When they buy many don’t have the budget left over to landscape so if it’s already included your property is a much more viable purchase.

Should your lawn and garden present as yet another project that the new owners will need to pay for, they will have ultimately added this into the cost of the property and many times they will overestimate the landscaping costs, meaning the sale price they offer will be substantially lower.

To get real value from your lawn it needs to be well presented and low maintenance. Choose a lawn variety that requires minimal upkeep and is drought tolerant.

Presenting a tidy, green lawn can provide a welcoming space for family activities or entertainment, allowing prospective buyers to better visualise your property as their future home. This is especially important should your property be targeted towards young families or young couples with a fur baby.

Obviously you don’t want to overcapitalise in order to get a great result at sale time. Even a small amount of lawn, with clearly defined edges will suffice. The idea is to create a space that potential buyers can use to visualise their life there – a place to relax, a spot to kick a ball around.

To grow money with your new lawn contact the team at Daleys Turf today. 

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