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They offer great companionship and protect our homes – they are mans (or woman’s) best friend- but they can cause havoc on your South East Queensland lawn. Dogs use the lawn more than we do and therein lay the problem. They cause wear and tear, particularly if you have a large dog or one that likes to run up and down the fence line in the same place day after day. Some dig holes trying to break out, bury food or just out of boredom. And let’s be frank – they also leave behind urine burns and faeces – neither of which is good for the health of your lawn or your enjoyment of it.

Choosing the right turf in the first place will do wonders for your relationship with your dog. A turf such as Sir Walter is perfect since it is self-repairing and will quickly recover from holes and wear and tear as long as you keep them off that area for a while. Sir Walter turfs are also low allergenic which is great for dogs that are sensitive to different grasses causing allergic reactions and itching. There are many weeds, particularly through the Queensland summer, that can cause allergies for dogs – a Sir Walter is better at keeping the weeds at bay too.

There are a few products available to help you and your best mate live in harmony and allow both to enjoy the lawn. Dog Rocks are a natural and safe Australian product that is added to your dog’s water bowl and that will eliminate those horrible urine burn marks from your lawn. If you want to keep your dog, or the neighbour’s cat, out of a particular area of your lawn then you may like to give Skedaddle Dog & Cat Deterrent Granules a go. The granules can be spread on the lawn, pavers, or veranda and the dog will be discouraged from the area. This is a non-toxic product made up of natural aromatic oils.

Training is imperative for long term harmony. Dogs can easily be trained to go to the toilet in one particular area and that area only – it will just take some time (and a few treats).

When you undertake any lawn care maintenance don’t forget your four legged friend. Make sure that your dog is inside or away from the lawn when you add fertilisers and pesticides and keep them away until any danger time has passed. Always read the labels on these products for more information. The team at Daleys Turf are always on hand to help with any lawn care queries you might have.

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