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We know that sunlight is vital to our good health, but it’s worth remembering how important it also is to your lawn. Adequate sunlight is required for the grass plants to undergo photosynthesis.

Photosynthesis, basically put, is the process that turns nutrients from the soil into the carbohydrates needed for the lawn plants to consume as food. The lawn is still unable to move to source better food and nutrients, so it’s important for you to ensure that all areas of your lawn have enough sunlight.

If photosynthesis does not occur correctly, your lawn will essential starve to death and no one wants that!

But how much sun is enough for your lawn?

It turns out that it depends a lot on the variety of turf you have. Varieties of Couch and Queensland Blue require sunlight for most of the day and really don’t cope well with shade. So, if this is the type of lawn you have it may be worthwhile to monitor your backyard over the course of the day and trim back any overhanging shrubs and branches that are stopping sun from reaching the lawn.

Varieties like Durban, Zoysia and Soft Leaf Buffalo, including Sir Walter turf, are quite happy with less sunlight throughout the day and tolerate shade well.

Regardless of the variety of turf that you have in your backyard, areas of shade often require some extra TLC – if these areas appear to be struggling and trimming back the foliage isn’t possible, just keep an eye on it and fertilise if you feel the lawn is lacking nutrients.

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