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One of the most popular turf varieties in Australia is the Couch. Popular for backyards and public recreational areas for decades, the new breed of Couch lawns are even better. Couch now gives a better colour, is softer and offers better drought tolerance. It’s known for its fine blade, dark to bright green colouring, it’s love of full sun, it’s ability to self-repair and stand up the wear and tear. It can establish almost anywhere too and thrive. It doesn’t particularly enjoy highly shaded areas (tolerance to shade is around 10%) but can continue to look great for years and years with a bit of work. Left to its own devices, Couch can become straggly-looking and have bald patches.

Couch can also be an invasive grass type and will need garden edging to contain it and keep it out of garden beds – simple strategy is to pull out any runners that have crept into any gardens before it takes over. This lawn variety requires an average amount of lawn mowing and correct de-thatching or vertimowing to keep it in the best of health.

Couch Lawn Characteristics

Grass Type
Leaf Type
Traffic Tolerance
Sunlight requirements
Shade Tolerance
Drought Tolerance
Salt Tolerance
Ideal pH
Also known as

Warm Season
Bermuda Grass

Daleys Turf grows and supplies Nullarbor Couch – bred and grown to perfectly suit South East Queensland conditions. Contact us for more information or to place an order for your new Couch lawn.

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