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Lawn Tips for SummerSummer is here and you might be excited for the hot temperatures and time at home. But your lawn is not happy. Summer for lawns means a lot of preparation and care from us so that they can flourish throughout these tougher months. Here are a few tips to make sure your lawn gets the care it needs this summer.

1. Make sure to water it at the right times

Watering your lawn is the best way to keep it healthy and happy, but you don’t want to overdo it. Watering your grass in the heat of the day is a bad idea, because the grass will immediately lose a lot of moisture from evaporation. Instead, water your lawn in the early morning to allow the water to be absorbed. Avoid watering your lawn in the afternoon or at night because the overnight humidity could promote the growth of fungal diseases. Remember to deeply soak the lawn 1-2 times a week so the water reaches deep into the soil. If it has been raining the last few weeks, there is no need to water your lawn. But, if there has been a dry spell, you should check if your lawn has developed hydrophobia by checking if the water soaks into the soil. This can be fixed by using wetting agents. Remember to always follow your region’s water restrictions.

2. Use the right mowing techniques

In the hotter months, the growth of your lawn tends to drop. To protect the soil and root system from the sun, make sure to raise your mower height so you have a longer lawn. Make sure to mow earlier in the day or as the sun starts to go down to avoid damaging the freshly cut lawn. Make sure you are mowing regularly to keep on top of leaf growth. You don’t want to be taking more than a third of the leaf at one time. You want to avoid putting any stress on your grass in the hotter months.

3. Fertilising Early

To keep the lawn looking nice for the visitors over the holiday period, make sure to fertilise your lawn early at the start of Summer. If it’s already too late, we recommend using a slow release lawn fertiliser to reduce the risks. Fertilising in high temperatures can burn your lawn so be careful.

4. Reduce the stress

While there is a lot of stress on you in the summertime, from having the in-laws over to the pressure of hosting a barbecue, taking the stress off of you is not all we are worried about! We need to make sure to reduce the stress on the lawn in the hotter months. This means trying to stay off the lawns and not mowing the grass too short. Applying some root regenerator can also help to protect your lawn against the stress these holidays.

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