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Much easier to keep than giving up coffee or going for a jog every morning, these lawn care New Year’s resolutions will have your lawn healthy and looking great too.


Resolve to water your lawn only when it needs it and not on a predetermined timetable. Pay attention to the state of the grass blades and weather forecasts and only water when the turf is thirsty and no rain is imminent. When you do water, do so less frequently but more deeply to encourage a deep root system and to not waste water. Apply 2.5 cms of water to the entire lawn when you do water.


Make a pact to never remove more than one third of the grass plant when you mow, mow in a different pattern each time, and leave the lawn longer during the warmer months. These steps will ensure a lawn that is less stressed by the mowing process and a soil that will be more protected during summer.


Fertilise your lawn on a regular basis in 2016 but ensure that when you do, you’re providing the nutrients that the turf really needs. Undertake soil pH tests and seek professional advice from your local lawn care specialist or nursery to get the right fertiliser. Make sure you always follow the manufacturer’s instructions (which other products too, like insecticides and pesticides), spread evenly over the lawn and always water in well, or apply right before it rains and let nature give you a helping hand.


Less easy to plan but, if you give your lawn a bit of TLC your efforts will be rewarded. Take a walk around the yard on a regular basis and take stock of its condition.

For some more tips or if your New Year’s resolution is to install a new lawn, just contact the team at Daleys Turf.

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