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We’re all busy – work, family, running a house, not to mention everything else that takes up time in our day-to-day lives so it’s easy to say that we’re just too busy to take care of our lawns but it’s not. Just 10 mins every day will have the bulk of your lawn care done and will free up more time on the weekends to enjoy our lawns. Over time this routine will save you both time and money by offsetting issues before they get out of control.

The whole premise of spending 10 minutes a day on lawn care is that it will allow you to stay on top of lawn maintenance, will have lawns watered for optimal health and will identify and treat any issues at the outset. This habit provides more than just benefits for your lawn, but more on that later.

Lawn Care in Just 10 mins a day

Here’s how it’s done:

  1. Head outside to your lawn and take a look around and check on the health and general condition of your lawn;
  2. Stop and pull out any weeds – this will ensure that they don’t have a chance to take over and will eliminate (or greatly reduce) the likelihood of needing to use weed killers (saving money and reducing your environmental impact);
  3. Take a look at the grass blades – if they are wilting or browning then your lawn needs watering;
  4. Check any sprinkler heads to ensure that dirt has not built up as this will affect its ability to water correctly. If blocked, simply remove the build-up – this takes just seconds;
  5. Take a look for any signs of pest (get down on your hands and knees if necessary). If you see any signs of Webworms, grubs, wasps, Armyworms either take a few minutes to treat then and there or if you don’t have the right treatment available, pop pest control on your to-do list for the weekend – the sooner treated the easier it will be to eliminate.
  6. While taking a walk around, check for a build-up of thatch – the lawn will feel quite ‘bouncy’ to walk on. If at the early stages, make a note to mow a little lower next time as this should avoid the need to undertake verti-mowing if it gets out of control;
  7. Inspect the general health of your lawn – if it’s losing its colour and struggling to grow (particularly during the warmer months) then an application of fertiliser may be in order. Pop this on the weekend to-do list when you have more time to ensure you have the right fertiliser for your lawn type, have more time to spread the fertiliser evenly over the entire lawn, and have more time to water the fertiliser in correctly.

And that’s it – 10 mins of lawn care done. With this small amount of time every day you can save yourself a lot of money and effort over the long run.

And the added benefit we mentioned earlier – it’s healthy for you too! Spending just 10 minutes outside in the yard gives you a break for your busy life, it gives you a chance to relax, refocus, get some fresh air and sunshine (important for Vitamin D absorption) and even that bit of extra exercise is got for your physical health.

But you don’t need to do it alone – take the whole family outside with you and use it as a chance to reconnect and spend some time together without distraction (consider leaving the phones and other electronic devices inside – you may find you don’t even miss them for the 10 mins). While you’re outside for 10 mins every day together perhaps you could make plans for how you’re going to use the time and money you’re saving. Maybe a family bike ride and ice-cream on the weekend – the weather is certainly right for it.

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