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Most lawns across Australia will suffer from drought at one time or another. The good news is that most turf varieties available today are designed to be drought resistant. With a little bit of care your lawn will outlast the drought and return to its pre-drought condition relatively easily.

Wetting agents are a fantastic tool to conserve water and they can be applied to both new and existing lawns. Essentially, wetting agents are a type of detergent which attracts water to the soil particulars. While extremely useful in sandy soils, wetting agents can be used on any type of soil to aid in water retention.

Many grasses across Australia will suffer from drought at one stage or another. That’s why we have put together a few preparation tips to help you keep watering to a minimum.

When conditions are long and dry, and water is scarce – regardless of the variety of lawn you have – you should keep the length of your grass longer. This will reduce the stress on the lawn and provide more shade to the soil which will help in water retention.

When you do water only do so as required – when the blades are curling and yellowing. The average lawn only requires 2.5cms of water across the entire lawn each week. If the natural rainfall doesn’t provide that then aim for a deep water and less often. This practice will encourage a deeper, stronger root system, better placed to handle a drought.

Always adhere to any local water restrictions during times of drought.

Lawn varieties available today throughout Australia are very apt at dealing with times of drought. Deep, infrequent watering, applying a wetting agent and keep the lawn longer will help your lawn be in a great position to self repair when the drought breaks and the rains come.

You can find more tips and tricks about lawn care on the Daleys Turf Facebook page here. 

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