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There is no denying that Brisbane is a fantastic place to live. The sub-tropical climate just calls out for an outdoor lifestyle. But this coveted lifestyle isn’t possible without a great outside space to utilise.

If your lawn is infested with pests, covered in weeds, withered, brown, just not growing or a dreaded artificial lawn then it’s time to think of a new lawn. Of all these problems the artificial lawn is by far the worst. Artificial or synthetic lawns can cause a whole host of problems that are worth considering before deciding on lawn for your home.

Artificial lawn problems:

The synthetic materials used to create an artificial lawn also absorbs heat from the atmosphere and can cause the turf to be up to 37 degrees hotter than bitumen. At these temperatures your lawn in Brisbane is not only unable to be used for entertaining, sport or play but can cause injury to young children and pets.

While it’s true that an artificial lawn requires less maintenance and ongoing costs than a natural lawn, a synthetic lawn is expensive to purchase and install, particularly when you budget in the cost of the lawn, the infill, equipment for installation and if you are having it installed for you – the labour costs.

Artificial lawns have been found to contain a cocktail of harmful chemicals such as lead, zinc and even arsenic and that’s just on the artificial grass blades. You must also consider what is found below the lawn. According to a 2007 Environmental and Human Health Inc. report, the rubber granules used as infill to replace dirt may contain carcinogenic chemicals that can lead to eye and skin irritations.

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Sir Grange Turf

In a natural lawn, the dirt below will absorb much of the natural rainfall it is exposed to but with no dirt below an artificial lawn flooding can occur. An excess build-up of rainwater can cause nearby gardens and plants to drown and cause damage to house foundations. Due to the make up of the synthetic lawn flooding may also cause chemicals to enter the storm water drains through run off.

Since an artificial lawn doesn’t have a natural environment for organisms that a natural lawn needs to survive it does not have the ability to absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen. In fact, artificial lawns have been found to actually kills off good organisms in the soil for several lawns, even with intensive soil treatments.

Synthetic lawns have no built-in waste disposal system like that found in a natural lawn and soil meaning that animal faeces, sweat and blood can remain on an unsanitised artificial lawn for an extended period of time. Research suggests that bacteria such as Staphylococci can survive for up to three months on polyethylene plastic which is commonly used to create synthetic grass blades.

Rather than a synthetic or artificial lawn and the problems that comes with them, the team at Daleys Turf will always recommend a natural turf for your home, sporting or community venue.

The best (and most popular) lawn in Brisbane is Sir Walter Soft Leaf Buffalo lawn and with good reason. Sir Walter is easy to maintain, is self-repairing, drought tolerant, weed and pest resistant and maintains a fantastic year round colour. Contact the team today for more information on a natural lawn at your place.


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Client Feedback

As everyone else has said. Expert advice. Terrific service. Highly recommended!
Sean O'Connor
Our excellent experience with Daleys Turf started when Harley Schenk arrived at our home to assess our requirements for a new front lawn. His expertise coupled with his friendly manner and detailed explanation created an immediate confidence that assurred us we had chosen the best company for our needs. Harley arrived on schedule, was well presented and wasted no time in preparing the quote. On the day of installation again he arrived on time with his colleague Patrick and together they carried out the task. They were painstaking in their efforts in preparing the site and laying the new turf. I have witnessed many lawns being laid in our suburb and I can honestly state that my lawn stands out from the rest, due to the quality of the product and the meticulous standard of Harley's workmanship. If you think your lawn is in need of replacement do not hesitate to engage Harley at Daleys Turf, you will not be disappointed.
Colette Taylor
Very happy with the service and product from Daleys Turf. Harley was a pleasure to deal with and nothing was too much trouble. The lawn looks fantastic, advice was spot on and workmanship very professional. would highly recommend Daleys to any prospective customers. Thanks again!
Ross Ginns
What an amazing bunch of men. Friendly, efficient, very knowledgable. A special thanks to Terry who went above and beyond his work requirements. Much appreciated for all your help. I would have no trouble in recommending this company or their staff.
John Hadlow
Daleys Turf are a really great business to help you with all your lawn needs.We had a problem with drainage at our property and lost some of the turf that Daleys had supplied.Harley and the staff were very understanding,helpful and honoured the guarantee, supplied replacement turf.We would highly recommend this business and particularly Harley for excellent service
ross shinkel
I couldn't be happier with my experience with Daley's Turf! Not only is the product first class, but all of my interactions with the staff were very positive and helpful. I loved the energy of everyone I spoke to and my new turf looks amazing! Well worth the drive up from Ipswich. Thanks again guys!
Chris Smallwood
We have no hesitation in recommending Daley's Turf to you. They have delivered a first rate product in a professional manner. There was great communication with the company. The turf was ordered, an onsite inspection and discussion of alternatives and in no time we have a beautiful lawn. Special thanks to Harley for making it happen.
Peter Hamlyn
Terry and Harley worked absolute wonders! So happy with our new lawn... from start to finish they were really easy to deal with and offered great advice! As soon as it was laid it looked like it had been there forever and it took to the soil beautifully! Terry was kind enough to give me his sprinkler and tap timer when he noticed ours had been broken - above and beyond! Pictures just under 4 weeks after installation - front before mow, inside fence after it's first mow! These are unedited... it's so green!! Thank you Daleys Turf!
Karra Haight
I am so impressed with the quality of the turf and the service provided by Daleys Turf that I would highly recommend them to anyone. My new lawn is amazing and Daleys have quality products to look after it. The staff are very knowledgeable and gave me great advice for looking after my new lawn. Very happy.
Laura Young
We are very happy with our new lawn laid recently by Daleys turf. We found Harley and all the staff at Daleys not only friendly but very professional. We found them very competitive and the job was carried out with the minimal of fuss. We would have no hesitation in recommending Daleys Turf.
Bruce Fraser
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