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Perhaps you have visitors for the Christmas holidays, perhaps it’s your turn to host Christmas day, or perhaps a new lawn is just an early Christmas present to yourself and your family. Regardless of the reason, if you are asking yourself ‘is there still time to have a new lawn by Christmas?’ the answer is yes (with a few provisos).

The best time of year to install a new lawn is when the weather is not too hot, nor too cold as well as when the lawn variety you choose is in its active growing season. The active growing season for warm season grasses like we have here in South East Queensland is typically spring and autumn. The lawn must be in its active growing season to ensure it is able to establish a new root system. Ideally the temperatures won’t be too hot when you install your new lawn since extended high temperatures will see the lawn struggle to survive as it goes into immediate stress.

A New Lawn in Spring

This is the best time of the year to install a new lawn – it allows the lawn to fully establish under milder weather conditions while the grass is actively growing. Installing during spring will let the lawn become fully established with a deep root system prior to the stress of the summer heat.

A New Lawn in Summer

If you can’t get your new lawn installed in spring you can still install it in summer but it’s not the best time of year to do it, especially with Christmas only a few weeks away.  If you need to install your new lawn in summer then it really should be at the beginning (or end) of the season. As long as you are able to supply adequate watering to the new lawn during its establishment then the lawn should knit well and grow a strong root system.

Regardless of whether you install your new lawn in spring or summer it is crucial that your new lawn be kept moist at all times during the establishment process; the hotter the weather the more watering it will need. Make sure you have the ability to water the lawn up to four times a day for the first two weeks. If really warm weather arrives during the first six weeks then you should be available to immediately water your new lawn. So, yes there is still time to get a new lawn in time for Christmas and have it fully established and ready to be enjoyed by kids of all ages; young and old.

To order your new lawn simple contact the team at Daleys Turf or order online.

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