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Wouldn’t it be nice to pack up and head off on your summer holiday not having to worry about anything at home…but alas that’s just not possible in the real world. Pets still need care, mail needs collecting, plants need watering and your lawn still needs care too.

The amount of preparation you will need to make depends completely on the length of time you are planning to be away from your South East Queensland home.

Up to 1 week:

If your holiday is relatively short you really don’t need to go to a lot of trouble before you go. Mow your lawn the day before you depart and give the lawn a deep watering before you head off.

2 weeks or more:

As part of your pre-holiday preparations, set your lawnmower down a notch and mow the day before you go and remember when you get back to raise the lawnmower up two notches before you cut the lawn again. Water your lawn deeply the day before you leave.

You may find that your lawn goes dormant in your absence, but don’t worry – this is a perfectly healthy coping mechanism. Watering your lawn deeply upon your return and your lawn will begin to grow again.

If your holiday stretches beyond two weeks (lucky you!), then you may want to look into hiring a local lawnmowing service to come in and mow whilst you are away, or approach a friendly neighbour and ask them if they wouldn’t mind giving the lawn a watering once a week, and generally just keep an eye on the place. This will be better for the health of your lawn and from a safety point of view will give the appearance that someone is still at home.

A few more tips for ensuring you have a healthy, thriving lawn to return to:

Deal with any weeds now – any weeds present before your holiday could potentially be a full infestation upon your return and that’s the last thing you want to deal with when coming back from your holiday. Spot spray with a selective herbicide specifically designed for the variety of lawn that you have.

Don’t fertilise before you go – a big growth spurt is not what you need while you are away and not there to mow and take care of any weeds that pop up.

Don’t do too much just before your holiday – this not the time to be aerating or de-thatching. The time immediately after these types of tasks is when your lawn will need the most monitoring for decline, so these really need to be done when you will be around to take good care of the lawn.

Take care of mowing and give your lawn a deep watering before you go on holiday and you’ll have a lot less to worry about when you get home and your lawn will be unlikely to miss you at all.

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