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Sir Walter DNA Certified lawns should only ever be mowed to a height of 35-65mms and you should never remove more than one third of the blade at any one time. If the lawn is overgrown the best practice is to undertake a few lawn mowings over a period of time rather than putting the lawn through the stress of a major cut.

Mowing lower than 35-65mms is not a good idea as the lawn can lose its dark green leaf which can stunt the growth, and/or it can lose its overall colour entirely. Cutting too short can also reduce the overall health of your Sir Walter lawn, the density of the thatch layer and the sward layer leaving the lawn at a much higher risk of disease and pest invasion. A reduced sward layer increases the risk of a major weed invasion. Typically the tightly knitted runner (stolons) of a healthy lawn naturally out-competes many weed seeds but if that layer is reduced you could be in a spot of trouble as the weeds have a better chance to penetrate the lawn and take over. The reduced thatch layer from mowing your Sir Walter lawn too short can allow reduced water, extremely high temperature days and high winds to affect the appearance of the lawn, the health of the lawn and increase the risk of bare patches developing.

If you’ve been mowing your Sir Walter DNA Certified lawn too short then you should immediately raise the mowing height. And, if you use a cylinder mower you might want to consider changing to a rotary mower. Raising the mower height should result in quite fast and noticeable changes to the health and vitality of your Sir Walter lawn. If you don’t see a significant improvement within a month or two of using the new mowing height, you should review your lawn care regime; the damage caused may have been more extensive than first noticed. Always try and mow in a different pattern each time to allow the turf plants to stand straight up and never mow when the grass is wet; it can cause damage and is a slip hazard. Make sure that as well as mowing at the correct height you are providing enough water for the season and the lawn is being fertilised correctly and on a regular basis.

For more information just contact the team at Daleys Turf, your locally accredited Sir Walter DNA Certified turf grower.

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