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If your backyard or front yard is a square, rectangle, triangle, trapezoid, or even a parallelogram then measuring for a new lawn is easy peasy. If it’s a circle or oval, it’s still easy with the help of π (Pi – 3.14). But, if you have an odd-shaped lawn, how easy is it to measure accurately for new turf? Well, it’s nothing to get overwhelmed about.

While measuring for turf takes some level of math, it is not too hard to do. Divide the area into smaller, more manageable, easier to calculate sections and then add the results together. Perhaps within the yard, when you take a breath and a step back, it is actually a circle here and a trapezoid there… Undertake this process a few times, using different area divisions and check all the totals. While you want to order a few extra rolls of turf to ensure you have enough, ordering way too much is just a waste of money.

Now, talking about ordering extra turf… for a regular shaped lawn you will want to order 5% over what you calculate that you will need, for odd-shaped lawns we recommend ordering 10% extra just to be certain you have enough. Why order extra at all? Well, this will allow for any mistakes when laying or small miscalculations (we all do it), as well as the odd roll or part of a roll that is not in tip top condition (doesn’t happen often but just in case). It’s always better to have a little left over rather than run short, particularly if you have friends on hand to help, or you are paying for installation.

The above information should help you to measure your lawn and order the required amount of turf. If this process seems too daunting, just contact the team at Daleys Turf – we’re here to support you for the life of your lawn.

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