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Moss in your lawn may be caused by a few different issues:

Compacted soil – Compacted soil kills the root system of the lawn and creates an empty space for moss to grow in. Aerate at least once a year to avoid compaction of the soil.

Poor drainage -Soil that doesn’t drain correctly and therefore stays moist all the time will eventually suffocate the lawn’s roots and again provide an opportunity for moss to grow.

pH Levels – If the soil is too high in acid the lawn will die off and the moss will thrive. Ensure that the pH level of soil in between 5.8 to 6.5 for a healthy lawn. You can easily use a pH soil kit to determine the levels of your soil.

Lack of sun – Lawn plants need plenty of sunlight to recover and grow even during the dormant growing period of winter while shade is the preferred type of environment for moss. Cutting back on overhanging trees and shrubs will allow your lawn to thrive and will help to rid the yard of moss.

After you have corrected the cause of the empty spaces in your lawn that are allowing the moss to take hold you can now get rid of the current moss. If you get rid of the moss without correcting the underlying cause and maintaining a healthy lawn you will find that the moss returns time after time.

To remove the moss, apply a good moss killer to the area. You can use a quick, cheap and eco-friendly application – Combine 30ml of washing up liquid and about 2 ½ litres of water in a hand sprayer. While holding the nozzle close to the moss, drench the moss with the solution. After 24 hours the moss will turn an orangey brownish colour and eventually dry up. Once the moss has dried up you can remove it by giving the area a good rake to get rid of the debris. The surrounding lawn can now grow over the empty space.

Note: Do not rake the area until the moss has dried up or you risk spreading the moss spores to other areas of your lawn.

If you need more information on any lawn care issues, the team at Daleys Turf are ready to answer all your questions. Check out our blogs on the common lawn care issues or contact us directly.

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    1. Best time to treat moss will be when its most active and healthy, so in winter when the conditions suit moss growing the best, however in saying that anytime moss is present you can treat it.

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