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A fairly common lawn disease that can affect buffalo lawns is powdery mildew. Often occurring in garden plants it is very easily spread to lawns via shoes, lawn mowers, bike and car tyres, pet paws and more. Powdery mildew is highly contagious. Initial signs are when it first appears as small spots that look like dust across different parts of the lawn. Quite quickly the dust spots continue to spread until the entire lawn is affected; this creates an ugly mess of yellowing, dying lawn with rotting leaves and a white dusty appearance across the lawn.

Luckily powdery mildew is very easy to treat on buffalo grass although it’s best to take a dual approach; prevention and treatment together.


Prevention includes controlling thatch, removing excessive thatch, correct fertilising, lawn coring as required and watering only ever in the mornings.


Now the easy treatment; mix together some water and bicarbonate of soda in a watering can and apply it liberally to the lawn. This approach will adjust the pH levels of the lawn very quickly and, in turn, will kill the powdery mildew in the lawn. Don’t spot apply; apply the solution to the entire lawn at the same time. Check surrounding gardens, bushes and plants while out in the yard and treat them in the same way if necessary.

For more information just contact the team at Daleys Turf, supporting you for the life of your lawn.

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