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Lawn care tools fall into three categories: Basic tools, specialty tools, and tools to rent. The Daleys Turf recommendations are based on average situations – your requirements may differ. These are the tools to rent for lawn care at your place.

Earthmover: Includes power shovels, bulldozers, backhoes, excavators, and more.

Lawn Roller: Use this tool to prepare soil for planting.  Cost to own is inexpensive, but it does take up a lot of storage space.

Power Aerator: Available in several styles, aerators loosen compacted soil by making many small holes in it.  The best units have hollow coring devices that lift plugs of soil and turf from the lawn as the unit passes over it.  Less-effective units create holes by pushing spikes into the lawn.

Power Dethatcher: Petrol-powered, this tool has heavy, metal tines that whip the lawn as you pass the machine over it.  Power rakes are great for removing light thatch.

Power Seeder (Slit Seeder): Similar to a vertical mower, this gasoline-powered unit cuts many shallow grooves in prepared soil or turf and sows grass seed at recommended rates.

Power Sod Cutter: Cuts sod into strips.  Look for anti-vibration handle models.

Power Tiller: Available in many styles and capacities, from small soil mixers to large, 8-horse-power units.  Tillers are ideal for alleviating compaction in preparation for a new lawn or for mixing in soil amendments, such as lime, fertiliser, and compost.  Some tillers are available with power rake and aerating attachments.

Vertical Mower: Resembling a lawn mower, a vertical mower is useful for dethatching. This mower has several vertically mounted blades set to penetrate the soil slightly.

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