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Lawn care tools fall into three categories: Basic tools, specialty tools, and tools to rent. The Daleys Turf recommendations are based on average situations – your requirements may differ. These are the specialty tools you may need to undertake lawn care at your place.

Blowers or Blower/Vacuums: Petrol or electric models blow leaves into piles for easier collection.  Blowers are available in either hand-held, wheeled, or backpack styles, with the last two types easier for big jobs.  Even if you like raking leaves on the lawn, you will appreciate a blower’s help in moving leaves out from under shrubs.  Many units convert to vacuums and are quite useful for cleaning up and mulching small quantities of leaves.  Electric blowers are quieter and have no emissions.

Chain Saws: An electric saw is great for cutting small tree limbs and trunks in an average-size yard.  Electric saws emit no exhaust fumes, are low maintenance, low cost, quiet, and always ready to go.  For bigger jobs, you will probably need a heavier petrol-powered model.

Pole Trimmer: If you need to do high pruning but do not like to leave the ground, this pruning saw at the end of a 12-foot telescoping pole will accomplish most of this difficult chore.

Power Edger: Petrol- or electric-powered tool with a short blade that trims grass horizontally at lawn edges, or vertically to create and maintain edges.

String Trimmer: Petrol-, electric-, or battery-powered models use a plastic line that rotates at a high speed to trim grass or weeds along lawn edges and near fixtures, such as lampposts and fences.  The better-balanced and easier-to-use models have the power unit at the top end of a long sharp and an adjustable handle in the middle. 

Next time we will cover the essential tools you can rent. For more lawn care tips contact the team at Daleys Turf.

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