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A heatwave has been overtaking most of the country and it’s now our turn right here in South East Queensland. It’s time for some basic dos and don’ts to protect both you and your lawn.

Do garden chores in the early morning before things heat up. Get up early, get the job done and maybe then have a nap later in the day. We’d much rather everyone has an early start and avoid the very real risk of heat stroke.

Do keep it light. Aim to complete only chores that must be done. The heatwave won’t last forever and major jobs should be left until the dangers of heat stress have passed.

Don’t mow. It’s better for your health and that of your lawn if you avoid mowing during a heatwave. Mowing during extreme heat will cause stress to the lawn plants particularly where the leaves are cut. Keeping the lawn longer will also create more shade for the soil and reduce moisture loss.

Don’t fertilise. This tip is especially important for cool season grasses such as Rye and Fescue. You’ll just do more harm than good.

Do water your lawn twice a week. Remember that less frequent but deeper/longer watering will be much more beneficial for the turf by encouraging a healthier and deeper root system.

Do water only in the early morning and give the lawn plants a head start for the heat to come. Never water during the heat of the day; this is when the turf plants will tighten up their leaves to retain moisture so they won’t benefit from the watering. During the heat of the day the moisture evaporation will be at the highest. Watering in the evening may lead to disease so you should definitely aim to be an early riser.

Don’t prune during a heatwave. Pruning during these conditions will drastically reduce the amount of shade and protection the lawn plants receive. It will also cause the tree or shrub to suffer from severe heat stress.

Do heed all warnings. If you live in a bushfire prone area ensure that you heed all warnings such as fire bans. Consider following the Queensland Fire and Rescue Service (QFRS) on Facebook for real time updates for your local area.

Follow our heatwave tips and your lawn should survive the heatwave in good shape, ready to bounce back when the heat subsides.

Keep safe during heatwaves. Stay out of the sun during the heat of the day; the heatwave will soon pass and we wil all be back out on our lawns, enjoying our amazing Queensland backyards in no time. Don’t forget to keep an eye on small children, elderly neighbours and pets during this weather so we can all stay safe.

For more information on your lawn and extreme heat see our article here. If you have any questions for the Daleys Turf team regarding turf installation and maintenance just drop us a line or like us on Facebook for more information and tips.

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