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Subject: Unknown brown discoloration to new Sir Walter.

Daleys Turf,

I received 105 square metres of Sir Walter and have laid the lawn at the back of my home at Twin Waters.

The lawn looks great, however in the last week or so I have noticed a brown staining appearing on the leaves of the lawn in an area about five feet long and two feet wide.

I am not aware of anything being poured or emptied on the lawn and although it is near a pool area I am not aware of this affecting the grass. As you are aware we have had some good rain falls lately and I suppose it has appeared since those rain falls.

The area is well drained and no other areas are affected.

I have taken some photographs which are attached. In particular I have taken two close up macro photographs of the brown stained grass leaves and the normal lawn photograph also attached.

I would appreciate your thoughts.

Thanks again for a great lawn, great service and a great web site.


Hi Malcolm,

We have looked at your photos and are suggesting that maybe your pool area has overflowed with all the rain we have had over the last few weeks or even has leached out of the stone you have in the pool surround. In our opinion, this is not a problem as you still have plenty of healthy shoots around affected area. You could fertilize the area if you are worried, to promote more healthy growth.

As we have had a few storms around lately, and with the humidity, lawn grubs will certainly be around early this season. See our web page, and download our grub sheet and read up to be prepared. All new lawns have their ups and downs as they can take up to 3 years to become fully established and resistant to weather and wear and tear. There is not much of a root system at this stage.If at all you are still worried about this area in three weeks time, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Daleys Turf Sales Team

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  1. My sir walter lawn has developed circular brown patches. First the area looks as if something has been poured on it and burnt it. The blades of grass start to shrivel. the next day the area is completely brown.

    1. This hot weather we are currently experiencing might be the problem depending on how well your is established, try soaking it using a soaker hoses for at least a couple of hours. The other thing might be lawn grubs, as they will often start in a circular pattern, and then the grass make appear as if it’s dead, except the grubs have only eaten the leaves, Sir Walter is great for repairing itself if this is the case, as long as it has been established for over 12 months or more.

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