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Many people assume that an instant lawn is the most expensive of all the options for outdoor grounds, but is it really?

According to the Landscape Association of NSW, and based on residential applications the following figures can be compared. These costs include site preparation, underlay, soil, surface preparation, material supply and installation.

Lawn turf
Garden bed planting 
Synthetic turf

$253.00 – $317.50
$498.00 – $2300.00
$567.50 – $2792.50
$800.00 – $1510.00
$1435.00 – $2165.00
$1810.00 – $2560.00

*Costing based on a 10 square metre surface area

While you can now see that lawn is a comparable option, financially, it pays to also look a little deeper and consider the additional benefits that a natural lawn has over and above the other choices.

  • Natural turf acts as a water and dust filter
  • Turf is an efficient and effective form of erosion control
  • Grass captures and uses greenhouse gases
  • Turf serves as a natural air-conditioner and fire break

And the benefits continue:

  • Lawn serves to increase a property’s value – homes with well-maintained landscapes sell faster and for higher values
  • Lawns provide therapeutic benefits
  • Lawns provide a safer environment – they help to absorb physical impact, provide traction, and offer cushioning (aka great for kid’s play areas)

Lawns also provide a wealth of benefits to residential properties and community spaces such as sporting fields, parks, schools and day care centres. To learn more just contact the team at Daleys Turf.

If you are looking to install a new turf at your place and would like a specific quote based on the exact area of land you have Daleys Turf would be happy to supply a quote and provide advice on the best turf to lay for your local area.

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