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Ants can quickly and easily grow into large colonies which can take over your lawn; not to mention can cause some nasty bites and detract from the enjoyment of your backyard. Luckily there are many ways you are able to control ants in your lawn and doing it naturally so as to limit any harm to the environment and those using the yard.

Mow lawns higher and ensure your lawn is healthy – the ants will struggle to survive in a lawn with long leaves and a thick sward (the expanse of ground covered by the grass plant).

Trimming back vegetation on bushes and shrubs where ants have their nearby colonies will eliminate shelter for the nest and forcing them to move elsewhere.

If you find the nests themselves they can have soapy water* poured in and over them – the ants hate soap and most will die from the exposure. Those surviving will seek a new home elsewhere.

If the ants are getting into your lawn through a paved area you can address this problem by mixing up one part of white cement with ten parts of white sand and filling any paving cracks with this mixture. Essentially you are stopping the ants from living under the paving and blocking their access points to the lawn with a semi-hard barrier.

Some other tips for deterring ants from making a home of your backyard:

  • Pick up pet food at night
  • Place pepper in the infestation areas or on ant trails as a natural deterrent
  • A small spray bottle filled with soapy water can be kept on hand to kill any ants found and destroy their scent trails.
  • *Ensure that you use real soap, not detergent.

There’s no need to use harsh sprays and insecticides to get rid of ants in your lawn, there’s lots of natural, environmentally friendly ways – good for your wallet, family and pets too.

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