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That’s right it’s only seven more weeks until Christmas; but really it’s no need to panic. While the food and present shopping can still be put off for a while longer there is something that does need to be sorted now; your lawn.

Christmas in South East Queensland just begs to be spent outside. If you have relatives or friends visiting or even just planning a quiet festive season at home then it’s quite likely that there will be a lot of outdoor entertaining and with our weather and sunshine, why wouldn’t you?

Seven weeks is still plenty of time to get the lawn organised. Here are our 7 tips to get your lawn Christmas-ready and all can be easily maintained leading up to the 25th of December.

  1. Mowing – Between now and Christmas day you should aim to mow around 4 -6 times. Remember to remove no more than one third of the leaf and leave it longer during Summer so as to reduce water evaporation from the soil.
  2. Watering – You only need to water once a week between now and Christmas (you can fit that in with all the other seasonal preparations) but make it long and deep; this way you will achieve better water penetration and a healthier, deeper root system.
  3. Wetting agent – Consider applying a wetting agent such as Lawn Soaker. A wetting agent will help with water absorption by the soil leading to a healthier more robust lawn.
  4. Weeding – Treat any weeds as soon as possible as they will take a few weeks to die off and re-application may be necessary. Determine the variety of the lawn and the types of weeds you have and then choose a weed killer specifically designed for both. If you have Sir Walter turf then Sir Walter Weed Control is the way to go.
  5. Limit traffic – Got a few well-worn patches ruining the look of your lawn? Limiting traffic in these areas between now and Christmas will allow the lawn plants the opportunity to recover before Santa arrives.
  6. Trimming – Give your lawn the early Christmas gift of light. Trim any overhanging trees or shrubs; the extra sunlight will allow your lawn to take full advantage of the peak growing season and will reduce the risk of disease or weeds taking hold.
  7. Enjoy – Pull out a lawn chair, grab a picnic blanket and forget about all the stress the Christmas season can bring with your healthy and lush lawn.

If your lawn appears beyond salvage or you’ve just undertaken a build and are in need of a new lawn don’t despair. There is still time to have a magnificent lawn laid and established before Christmas. Call the team at Daleys Turf today to get your Christmas present to yourself all sorted.

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