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We are frequently asked – Can you lay turf during Winter? In fact, while in South East Queensland turf can be laid all year round, Winter is actually the best time of the year to install your new lawn.

Installing during the cooler months ensures you get better root growth than in the Summer months and lower temperatures means less evaporation is caused when watering. While it may take a little longer to fully establish there is absolutely no reason not to install turf at this time of year.

Rather than the time of year or the conditions outside, what is of most importance is that you correctly condition and ready the site and soil prior to installation, keeping the turf moist and avoiding any traffic on the lawn until such time as the turf has fully established – unable to be lifted.

There are actually some specific advantages to installing turf at this time of year:

  • You should not need to water as often than in warmer months saving you time and money
  • Your new lawn will be established and ready for Spring/Summer use
  • Turf and turf rolls will keep longer before drying out or needing to be laid

From an availability point of view, the Daleys Turf team harvest, deliver and installed throughout the colder months, in fact we have turf available all year long. Contact the team or order online today.

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