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The other day I was out at a branch of a large hardware superstore, that shall remain nameless, when I came across some rather cheap sounding turf all ready to be carted away right then and there. I mention this discovery as a word of warning. Was it a great turf variety? Would the turf type suit a south-east Queensland backyard? Yes, it was Sir Walter Buffalo turf, perfect for the climate. So what was my concern?

The price was advertised at $7.49 in bold writing and 0.75m2 in tiny writing. So the quoted price is for less than one square metre. Sounds like a bargain but, in actual fact it works out to be more expensive per metre than direct from a turf farmer.

The main concern though is not the actual price but to do with the quality that you will get for your hard earned dollar. Sir Walter is a fantastic turf – hard wearing, easy to maintain, drought tolerant with great soft leaves and colour, but you need to know where your turf has come from and how it has been treated before it gets to you. If in doubt; ask.

Turf should be cut fresh, delivered and laid as soon as possible to ensure the health of the lawn plants and the greater likelihood of the lawn establishing. This hardware superstore lawn had been cut much earlier in the week and stored or placed on display ready for sale. The integrity of the plants is therefore diminished and the roots are likely to have dried out.

The turf in question was also stacked in high piles, left largely in the sun and was already turning brown in places. If turf is left stacked for any period of time it will be adversely affected by heat damage. The last thing you want after laying the turf is for it to die off due to way it was treated before you even received it.

Buying your turf direct from an accredited turf farm will ensure that you receive plants that are fresh and of the best possible quality. Laying turf is in investment and should be treated as such when making your purchase decision. For more information or some friendly advice please contact the Daleys Turf team or view our lawn care articles. Our turf is fresh cut daily and delivered within 24 hours to ensure your new lawn has the best chance possible to becoming the backyard you deserve.

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