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As we’re all aware – summer temperatures have come to South East Queensland early this year. With these rising temperatures comes the snakes and their numbers are growing.

High mid-day temperatures cause some snakes to seek out cooler places, out of the heat and move towards houses, sheds and even air-conditioning cooling vents.

According to St. John Ambulance, more than 500 Australians are hospitalised each year due to snake bites, so it’s important to understand what’s best to do should this happen in your backyard.

If confronted by a snake, move slowly away, keep an eye on the whereabouts of the snake and call a snake catcher. Do not attempt to kill or move a snake on your own – killing a snake is illegal in Queensland and these are the circumstances in which many snake bites occur.

If anyone is bitten, call Triple zero (000) immediately, compress and immobilise the affected limb and stay completely still, to slow the venom travelling through the body. If a pet is bitten, immediately call your local vet for help and keep them still.

Snakes are attracted to concrete beds, metals and gap between fences, as well as piles of rubbish, timber and bricks. Now is a great time to clean up the rubbish – removing places they like to hide – before the breeding cycle kicks into high gear. While the breeding season has already started, it will continue through until December and keep in mind that each female snake can attract up to seven males, which makes for a lot of baby snakes. This doesn’t only affect those whose properties are located within or backing onto bushland – snake sightings are growing in the inner suburbs of Brisbane (including the Queen Street Mall) and southern suburbs, particularly those fairly close to the river.

When cleaning up your yard, remember to always wear strong gloves, sturdy closed in shoes, long sleeves and long pants for protection.

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