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What wet week we have just had. Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast recorded rainfall totals last week ranging from 150mm to 400mm. The problem with that much rain with turf bought on the Sunshine Coast is that you really shouldn’t let water lay on your lawn for more than 12- 24 hours.

The potential damage to your lawn is in part determined by the type of lawn that you choose to lay. Varieties of couch grass such as the Queensland Blue Couch Grass or CT2 Couch, really don’t handle a lot of water sitting on the grass for very long. Soft leaf buffalo grasses on the other hand, can handle a few days at a time. And of these, Sir Walter buffalo grass can handle even more.

While there are fixes for lawn problems due to excessive water sitting on the lawn or drainage issues, the best course of action is to, in fact, choose the best lawn for the conditions in the first place. There are new, cheaper varieties of buffalo grass entering the market but, you are still best advised to choose a well- known brand of buffalo lawn to put down, such as Sir Walter. Sir Walter buffalo remains the most versatile and popular turf on the market and the forerunner to handle the extreme weather conditions that are being felt more and more often lately, particularly in South East Queensland. Not only will Sir Walter turf handle the large rainfall better is it also self-repairing and is locally grown. It is best equipped to handle, not only large rainfall and water staying of the lawn for longer than desired, but also then thrive in times of very little rain (while also being low maintenance by having much less weeds than other varieties).

The problems with water being left to sit on the lawn are issues such as a boggy lawn, the death of plants, and if you don’t minimise traffic, the compaction of the soil. We touched on these issues last week in our lawn care article . Please refer to that article for tips on what you should do now to restore the health of your lawn. Visit the Daley’s Turf Lawnstore to purchase direct online and save.

If you have any questions about what is the best turf for South East Queensland and its weather that is known for its extremes, the team at Daley’s Turf are here to help you. To visit the Daleys Turf website for more information about turf varieties, benefits and tips.

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