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We all have long to-do lists before we head off on summer holidays, but you really need to add ‘taking care of the lawn’ to your list to ensure you don’t have a huge problem on your hands upon your return. With a few simple tasks you can make sure that your lawn is in the best possible state to be left home alone for a while.

Set up an automatic watering system, with a sensor. There are numerous products on the market but what you’re looking for is a sprinkler system that will not only automatically water your lawn (in the right amount) for you, but one that will shut off when watering is not required because of natural rainfall – this will save your lawn from being over-watered, and will save on unnecessary water costs as well.

Mow your lawn before you head off but not too short – remember to never remove more than one third of the blade and leave it a little longer to shade the soil from the sun and evaporation. Refrain from fertilising your lawn; this will just encourage growth that you won’t be home to deal with. Do a walk around and look out for any weeds – it would be best to deal with them now so that you don’t come home to a yard full of weed infestation. Same goes with disease and pests. Trim back any branches or shrubs that could come down during a storm or that are blocking the sun from reaching your lawn. And finally, rake up/remove any debris that is sitting on the lawn as this will just increase the risk of fungal disease to your lawn as the material rots and sits there, blocking out the sun.

Follow these tips and you’re much more likely to return from holidays to a lawn that is still in good condition and only needs a little TLC to get back into its optimum condition. You can relax on your holiday, knowing that your lawn is healthy and well placed to handle situations in your absence.

For any further information just contact the team at Daleys Turf – here to support you for the life of your lawn.

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