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We purchased “Sir Walter” about eight months ago, we spread two large truck loads of soil before laying, it looked great at first then some areas starting going backwards, now we have bare patches in our lawn, I have fertilized awhile ago, it is very yellow looking, what should I do?


I have had a look today, and your lawn just needs a bit of extra TLC, the roots of the ‘Sir Walter’ has reached the poor parts of your soil, the lawn will be able to cope with this with help. As I told your wife, I will drop off some gypsum and some maintenance fertilizer for you to apply at the weekend. What needs to be done is to topdress all the weak areas with Mary River sand ( available from Tenkate landscape supplies on caloundra road), but firstly spread gypsum out & the maintenance fertilizer then apply the sand, being careful not to completely smother all the leaves, then water in. Some areas will need another topdressing in september, and fertilizer, this will set your lawn up for summer months.

I know you have been fertilizing in the past but with the amount of recent rain this year and your lawn being only 8-12 old it needs more help, your last block of land had much better soil. I will have the gypsum and fertilizer dropped in before the weekend, at a guess you may need about 1 cubic metre of sand.

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  1. Hi jennie,

    I understand what you are saying about your lawn, sometimes it seems alot of work, a good looking lawn will require a reasonable amount of work, and general ‘Sir Walter’ lawn will require less than most other varieties. You are not the first to come back and make these comments, however each time i work through the problem, i will find some reason for it happening, the most common fault is the initial preparation of the soil will cause on going maintenance problem, lawn grows very thick a spongey, dies off in patches in very hot weather, hard to keep colour in it, requires many applications of fertiliser, etc.

    I’m not saying this is your problem, but in other cases it happens in heavy clayish or reclaimed land in new estates. Lawns requires 100-150mm of top soil, then it needs another 150-200mm of subsoil that allow the roots to penetrate, this allows the lawn to cool it self in hot weather, it also stores excess nutrients, and other soil organics, mirco organisms which naturally help to break down thatch layers in lawns.

    4 years old lawn to me, is just established if there has been no major problem, it takes 3-5 yrs to be fully establish, SW roots will grow over a 1 metre if allowed too. Your SW lawn wil come back good as new without any weeds, which is unlike what a couch lawn would do, as weeds and lawn grubs will takeover.

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