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Although the temperatures in South East Queensland are still quite warm and the odd summer storm still abounds, Autumn (March – May) is the time to take stock and prepare our lawns for the approaching cooler months. For many varieties of lawn, the colder temperatures will signify a dormant or non-growing phase, so it’s now that you should ready your lawn to weather this period, as well as to retain its colour during Winter.

The main task to undertake at this time of year is fertilising. Fertilising will give a boost to the lawn’s health and allow it to survive the lower rainfall, temperatures and sunlight hours that Winter brings.

Why Fertilise Now?

Autumn is the time of the year that your lawn is recovering from the stresses of Summer. Heat, disease and/or drought. Fertilising now will ensure that your lawn is not hungry and will be able to begin storing carbohydrate reserves in its stems, rhizomes and stolons (the roots above and below the ground that reach out from the grass plant). These carbohydrate reserves will help your lawn to resist any winter diseases, pests and injuries as well as serving as a source of energy for root and shoot growth once the growing season begins again.

Applying a quick release fertiliser (one with a higher nitrogen content) at this time of year is great for a quick lawn repair and provides a fast result, but remember that its effects will only last approximately one month. A slow release fertiliser on the other hand will aid your lawn for a much longer period of time, usually around three months.

Tips for Fertilising:

  1. Never overdo the fertiliser application, it is better to use a little and more often.
  2. Never fertilise two weeks before or after applying a herbicide.
  3. Water the fertiliser in thoroughly (or apply it in the rain to get the job done faster).
  4. Always read the application instructions carefully, for advice on safe handling as well as the amount to correctly use for the lawn size you have,

Taking a little time during Autumn to ready your lawn for the season ahead will help ensure its health and vitality. For more fertilising and lawn care tips read our blogs or contact the Daleys Turf team today.

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