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A soil conditioner, applied regularly, will keep your lawn healthy and green all year long. Adding a soil conditioner will also ensure that your lawn has the strength to handle weather extremes and fight off pest and weed infestations more effectively. An added bonus, lawns with a healthy soil below will hold water better and therefore require less watering.

Soil conditioners differ from fertilisers in that they are a nutrient rich application which acts as a bio stimulant which increases the microbial activity in the soil and gives the grass plant roots easier access to available nutrients.

The benefits of a soil conditioner application.

Tillering: Applying a soil conditioner will encourage tillering which is the process of growing additional shoots from the parent plant so that the lawn will be thicker.

Growth: Because soil conditioners act as a food source to the hundreds of thousands of beneficial bacteria in the soil there will be more organically bound nitrogen and phosphorus released, boosting the growth of the root system.

Repair and recovery: An application of soil conditioner will aid stressed and tired lawns to recover and repair more quickly.

Fighting Disease: Since a soil conditioner will boost the natural health of your lawn it will, by default, be less prone to diseases particularly those diseases which attack the roots. Diseases which affect and damage the roots will inhibit the ability to absorb water and nutrients and then make the lawn more susceptible to fungal and viral diseases above the ground.

The right type of soil conditioner to use will be determined by the type and current condition of your soil. Take a look at the type of soil you have, conduct a pH test first to ensure that you select the right soil conditioner for your lawn. For all of your lawn care product requirements, check out the Daleys Turf Online Store today.

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