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A news story broke recently of the tragic death of a South East Queensland man who accidentally swallowed a highly poisonous chemical when the pressure back-pack pump unit he was filling with herbicide cracked and the substance sprayed over him and his face.

This unfortunate incident should serve as a timely reminder to us all that chemicals used for fertilising, weed and pest control need to be handled safely and only in the way they are intended by the manufacturer. Let’s all get healthy, green and lush lawns in the safest way possible.

Always understand the product you are using and its appropriate applications. Don’t just use what you have laying around the shed; ensure you have the right product for the right job. Read all instructions prior to using any chemical product and make sure that you wear personal protection gear such as shoes, face masks, eye protection, long trousers and long sleeved shirts to protect yourself from any product that may blow back towards you in the wind.

Check any equipment, such as pressure sprayers, for wear and tear, or cracks and make sure the all containers seal correctly.

Don’t apply chemical products on a windy day when the applications direction may be impaired. Determine where any runoff will go so that the chemicals do not impact on waterways and local wildlife.

Secure any animals and children and keep them away from the area to limit their exposure.

Thoroughly clean any equipment used, such as spray bottles, to remove all chemical residue before storing or reusing.

It may be unsafe to store any unused products, particularly those under pressure. Check the manufacturer’s material handling and storage instructions carefully. Dispose of any old or left over chemicals in the correct way and in the correct rubbish bin.

Never store any chemicals in a container such as an old soft drink bottle. If products are not able to be stored in the original packaging then ensure that it is very clearly labelled and secured.

Always keep fertilisers, weed and pest control products out of reach of children.

Use all fertilisers, herbicides, insecticides, soil treatments and lawn care products only as directed and stay safe this summer to enjoy your lawn just as you should. For further lawn care tips see the Daleys Turf blog or contact us today.

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