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Effective and profitable garden design all comes down to creating a garden which is both well-presented and low maintenance. Today’s buyers don’t want to be spending all weekend undertaking lawn care and garden upkeep; they want to have the time to enjoy their backyard.

Not only will a garden renovation increase the value of your property but it will make it more sellable too. Presenting a beautiful garden as part of your property will allow potential buyers to connect on an emotional level. Before you invest any money into a garden overhaul start with a bit of research and planning; what type of buyer is your home likely to attract? Single? Young couple with no kids? Empty-nesters? A young family? The answer to these questions will determine the best type of garden; low maintenance, lawn, screening etc. Plan to include both style and function and don’t forget to consider issues such as rubbish bin storage area, a clothesline, and access for vehicles.

Here are our 6 landscaping tips to add around $15K of value to your property with minimal outlay in time and money:

Recycled paving – buying products such as pavers or bricks from local Facebook groups or Gumtree is a great way to save some money on materials. Often contractors have leftover materials from jobs or you can find pavers in good condition from people simply changing their existing pavers. Just 10m2 is enough for an outdoor setting. Ideally a shade sail over the paved area will make the space both visually appealing as well as more functional.

Shade sail – a simple DIY job, it simply involves installing three timber posts and a shade sail kit which can be purchased from most hardware stores and installed for around $500.

Turf – relatively inexpensive, grass rolls can be purchased for about $6 – $12 per m2 from most turf farms and turf suppliers. A small lawn area is almost a necessity for kids and it is certainly a garden element that families will be looking for when looking for a house to buy. Even a small area of 15m2 will be large enough to kick a ball around and play on.

Screening plants – a fantastic way of softening an outdoor space and making the garden look bigger. Choose hardy plants that don’t require too much pruning.

Garden plants – when filling the garden beds, plants should be selected to look great, be hardy and of course low maintenance.

Mulch – Garden beds always look a lot tidier and more presentable with a layer of mulch on top. Pine bark, or Eucalyptus mulch can be readily obtained for a reasonable price from local landscape supply companies or free from some local tree removal companies.

Costing Outline


Seating Area
Small Lawn Area
Plants – Fence
Plants – Garden Beds


Recycled pavers 10m2
Turf 15m2
Screening plants along fence line
Ornamental, hardy plants
Pine Bark. Increase visual appeal
Shade Sail and 3 timber posts


$ 50.00

Value added





With a little work and some creative sourcing of materials you can add plenty of value to your property and increase the saleability without breaking the bank. The same rules apply when landscaping your rental property. Ensure that you don’t overcapitalise and you design and build a garden that is beautiful, enjoyable and low maintenance.

For more information on the best type of turf to install or for sales enquiries contact the team at Daleys Turf today.

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