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The main advice we can give for ensuring that your lawn is healthy and happy throughout autumn, is to keep up the lawn care regime.

Daleys Turf 6 autumn lawn care tips:

  1. Continue to mow and water your lawn as required during autumn
  2. Aerate any areas of compacted soil – pay particular attention to high traffic areas
  3. Rake up any leaves or debris from surrounding deciduous trees so the sunlight reaches the grass
  4. Fertilise now for future growth and for health during the impeding cooler weather
  5. Fill in any bald spots with a top dressing and allow the lawn to self-repair
  6. Control weeds – prevent, catch invasions early and treat appropriately

Often the end of summer signals the end of spending heaps of time outside on the lawn but autumn is not the time to forget about your lawn – it still needs your attention, particularly if it’s going to head into winter being strong and healthy. As the growing phase slows any weeds are offered the opportunity to take over. Having a thick, lush and healthy lawn will limit the weeds’ ability to gain ground. Take a regular walk around your lawn and pull out any weeds you find by hand. If a full-on invasion takes place, treat with the appropriate herbicide now to allow time for the weeds to die and your lawn to bounce back before the cooler months arrive.

Daleys Turf provides a wide range of blogs and articles on lawn care to help you all year long. Contact us today to learn more.

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